Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Thoughts

What does it matter that Christ has risen? When we think about the resurrection as Christians, we often debate it's reality--whether it actually happened. But what does it mean in practical living? Apart from all manner of theological discussions, I think the resurrection has much to do with being in relation with the God who lives.

How do we notice this God?

The author of Luke recounts a story about a couple of disciples on the road to Emmaus. In the journey, two disciples find that they are walking with the risen Christ. Humans once walked with God in the garden of Eden. Walking is an anthropomorphism used of God being present in the community. Now two disciples are walking with Jesus again. This suggests that we meet a risen Jesus in the journey.

We also meet the risen Lord in the scriptures. In the story Luke is telling, Jesus reminds them of what was foretold in the scriptures about what the Messiah would suffer. As he talked, their hearts burned.

We meet Jesus in the Eucharist--when the bread is broken. Luke tells of how the two disciples invited Jesus to stay with them for supper. When Jesus broke the bread, the disciples recognized him. The bread reminds us there is one body... and all who eat of the one loaf belong to the new community formed because of Christ's broken body on the cross. We are united with no Jew or Greek, Slave or Free, Male or female... we are one people formed by Jesus.

And we meet Jesus when stories are shared in the community. Luke tells about the disciples who tell others about their story of meeting the risen Christ and suddenly, Christ is standing with them. Jesus is present as we share of our encounters.

This is not just a story about one of Jesus' many appearances to disciples in the first century. This is also a story that reminds us that Jesus is with us... in the journey, in the Eucharistic community, in the scripture, and among us as we tell our stories.


  1. I like this Faith. Jesus is ALWAYS with us--eternally present, day by day, moment by moment, just as He has promised. What you wrote helps move that understanding from the intellect to the heart, where it then can be lived out. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. Ken

  2. With us now through the presence, voice, leading, reality of the Holy Spirit and this presence confirms that all of this is true. it's true!! He is Alive!! To not find ways of messaging this is to deprive food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, warmth for the cold, friendship for the lonely... Thanks for provoking my thoughts and heart Faith!

  3. Since last fall, I've been pondering the meaning of righteousness = "right relationship" - with God, others, enemies - even self. It keeps coming up! Thanks for this view of where we see Jesus.