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Press Conference Hate Speech toward Muslims in Bridgeport

Friday I attended a press conference held at the Capital in Hartford concerning the hate speech that occured in Bridgeport, CT. I was particularly disturbed that the name of Jesus was used in conjunction with the word "hates" toward Muslim worshippers. I know that those protesting the Islamic Center in New York wish to further deeper relationships with Jesus Christ but I do not believe this was effective.

The name of Jesus is sacred and carries the reputation of goodness and sacrifice and healing. And to see it used to hurt was grating on my heart. More painful was hearing that this was said in the presence of small children, families and persons who were sincerely at worship in a country that offers freedom of religion to everyone.

This nation is not a theocracy it is a democratic republic. And while we may hold fast to the Christian faith we can live in generosity toward those who believe differently. We actually become more attractive if we show that generosity and respect. Granting others that respect does not jeapordize what we believe, it enhances it.

It was truly wonderful to hear the speakers respect one another's faith traditions and stand in solidarity with those to whom hate was directed. I felt the tears well up when the Jewish faith community stood up for the Muslims and the African American Christian community spoke up for the Muslim faith community. I felt like I was part of something that reflected the goodness of God.

God does not hate Muslims, God loves them. And if we are God's people, that is also our task. 1John 2:5... "This is how we know we are in him: whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did. and 1John 2:9 "whoever claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in darkness... "

If Jesus were here today, he would stand with Muslims in solidarity respecting them and granting them dignity. And that is what we are also called to do.


  1. Good thoughts and insights Faith--I couldn't agree more. I think Jesus was serious when He taught we must love one another. It's an impossible task...on our own that is. That's what Believers need to understand, that we are not on our own, and that Christ Jesus will empower us to do those impossible things He asks of us--for His glory and our edification and blessing. It's all so counter-intuitive!


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