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True Self/False Self

This week I have been reading David Benner's book, The Gift of Being Yourself and while I have read this book before for a class in seminary, it is touching me again. The tempation is ever present to find myself struggling to secure myself in the good opinion of others, in what I do and in what I have. That struggle if filled with anxiety and self-defensiveness.

I have been wondering often about how serving where one's joy is and serving the world connects. Serving in joy seems so self-centered because it is about one's own joy. But Benner connects the dots for me in that serving in my joy is how I am uniquely wired to face the world with the face of God. So the vocation and the joy go together.

All of that has implications. I also viewed "fun theory" a cute little video going around on facebook and noted that people are more apt to do what is good for them if it is fun. And the authors create a stairway that plays music like a piano to encourage people to take the…