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Zachariah's silence, invitation or punishment?

I have been pondering the silence given to Zachariah as a result of his unbelief. At first, I thought of it as a punishment but perhaps it is not a punishment but the kind of consequence that is packed with invitation. Perhaps Zachariah was given silence as an opportunity to connect with God at a deeper level.

I know that in our frenetic, fast-paced world it is filled with noise and activity. I am sure in Zachariah's world, the pace was slower and there was less media input. But even in his day, perhaps the ability to speak meant that one could engage freely, controlling one's own silence or lack of silence.

Maybe, just maybe the imposed silence was a good thing for Zachariah's spiritual life. Zachariah couldn't really talk about it with the other men of the village. There was no way to brag about the coming child or the divine way the child would come. He had to keep silent. There was nothing really in it for him... no immediate affirmations or kudos. He could…