Wednesday, January 26, 2011

more on seeing God

I saw God in a lot of unexpected places. I noticed the missional mind in my personal trainer who doesn't go to church much but coordinates events for kids, people in need. I saw God in a bar at Picker's night each week as the group leader invited people of all skills into an accepting musical community. I saw God at Adrienne's prayer group, a gathering of eclectic people with strong opinions and deep love for one another. I saw how she could reach women of all faiths and draw them closer to God and the knowledge of his power and love. I saw God in my neighborhood as we got to know our neighbors. When the tree fell, we had offers of hospitality and welcome from several neighbors. And when we crashed the car... many offered us the use of theirs.

Many of the above did not attend church much or ever... but we saw goodness and kindness and welcome and acceptance. Each of those attributes are gifts of the Spirit who is present everywhere.

We also became friends with a music group, Kapela, that Dan played in and later I joine to sing with. Again... we found acceptance, and joy and fun and laughter. We met Mary and Mike through that group who pastor a church in Lordship and struggled in revitalization as well. And through that group we met Pastor Becca, a young, creative dynamic Lutheran pastor in Georgetown. Each week she also attends the bar at the Lumber Yard, getting to know people and talking about theology. Her church is growing... because she is such a fun person and intentionally builds friendships wherever she goes.

We saw God at church too... some have grown in their sense of self, closer to God. Others have found life in unusal places. We saw a more missional mind surface and greater attention to the community in conversations. We met and came to love some really nice people.

I saw God in my husband as he worked with a young budding musician. He instilled a heart for worship and a desire to become a worship leader in the future. Last night they practiced together for the last time and I noticed all of the joy present as they played music together.

More tomorrow as I journal my last days in Wilton.

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