Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where I am seeing God

I don't know if I can blame all incidents gone wrong on a "devil" or all things going well as God's goodness and providence. But I am incredibly grateful that my car broke down in the church parking lot with Dave the snow plow man nearby verses on the freeway heading to MN. I am also glad that my little saturn broke down before we left CT as we have decided to leave it here and gift it to our friend. And I would be sad if the first thing the Saturn did was break down for my friend and cause her all manner of difficulty.

I am grateful that our trailblazer accident happened four weeks ago instead of today... it looks like a new car and the body shop did an amazing job. And I am glad the tree did not fall on our house when the home was empty and had no one to act as quickly as my husband did. and I am glad the tree did not fall when I was here entirely alone. And I have come to appreciate snow plow drivers, mechanics, body shops, and carpenters for their quick work and excellent service. And for neighbors. All are appreciated.

God is good... the world is kind of crazy and most people are really very kind-hearted.

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