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Follow me, let the dead bury the dead.

The great word I have been dwelling in in my spiritual life is this, "follow me." It's kind of a fuzzy word that is full of depth and surrender. Jesus first invited his disciples to follow him. He later sent them out to do the works that he did. Then Jesus asked his followers to count the cost of following him. In Matthew 8: 18-22, some of the costs are having no place to lay one's head... homeless so to speak and letting the dead buy the dead. Curious.

     I think the cost of homelessness has some interesting implications. It involves not hanging on to place. How often do we hold on to a place where we have felt significant, loved, useful... or where we have had our children baptized, confirmed, married. I wonder sometimes if the invitation to let go of having a place is a part of pursuing the mission of God in this world. We might have to let go of "place" and all that "place" means to us. I find myself needing to do this today... a surrender …