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Love and Gifts of the Spirit

My world over the past few weeks has been fascinating.  I attended a Theology on Tap led by Catholic Priests in St Cloud, a local Assembly of God Church in town that runs a homeless shelter, a Covenant Church in Monticello, Firestarters Church in Ottertail and a Spirit-filled Bible Camp in the Rocky Mountains.  You guessed it, I am one of those spiritual mutts common in this current world.

One of the common ideas that has been surfacing for me is the idea that gifts work through love.  It seems as if that would be a given considering Jesus command to love God and love one another.  Last October I was meeting with some people from a church in CT who were moving in the gifts of the Spirit.  I was asked to participate.  Crying out to God, I asked for help... God spoke deep inside my heart these words, "the gifts of the Spirit work by love." I almost stopped the car and pulled over realizing that my task was not to conjure up a "word" or move in some "gift" b…