Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dominican Republic 3

Today I have been reflecting on the amazing people I met on this trip.  Each one impacted me in a different way.  I saw God's power and might working through them.  First: the women... I was priveleged to join a number of mighty women of God.  They were beautiful each one in their own way but more, they were powerful and authoritive.

Vicki Herald:  Vicki is a mighty intercessor who speaks with authority and conviction both in ministry, preaching and intercession.  Yet she radiated love at every turn.

Deb Lehr:  Deb too was powerful and authoritive when confronting the enemy in prayer but potent in worship and generosity toward others.  I found Deb to be caring and compassionate for those oppressed.

Deb Sherrer:  Deb is marked by Joy... not just a good humor sort of joy but a joy that has come through much sorrow.  When Deb shared her story of abuse and depression... I was struck by how she is marked now with amazing joy.  Truly, Joy has become her strength. 

Jessica Coombs:  What strikes me about Jessica is how she sees and pulls beauty out of the darkness.  Time and time again as Jessica painted on canvass and took photos, she seemed to have this amazing ability to pull out the beauty.  I think this is a kingdom and prophetic work as she sees differently and sees beyond the ordinary to tugg on the kingdom.  Her work often brought encouragement and healing.

Juanita:  I loved Juanita... she is marked by a mighty compassion caring for the orphan and wounded.  In real life she is a nurse and mother but in the Spirit she is a healer and a lover... one who loves like Jesus.  In her I saw so much integrity and spiritual maturity.  When hearing her story too... she is marked as one who has overcome much to become much in the kingdom.  She operated in word of knowledge and wisdom both in English and Spanish.  Too cool for works.

Robin Lang:  Robin became in a sense a mentor.  I loved her honesty about her own humanity and her boldness in the Lord.  At first one would not see that as she is very gentle and gracious.  Both in teaching and in prayer, however, Robin moves heaven and earth with a mighty boldness.  I loved how she carefully listened to God every time she prayed for someone.  Her heart was to hear from her God in effort to serve those she came in contact with. 

Ramona Rickard:  I love this woman who is perhaps the most gracious person I have ever met.  She preached with power and grace sharing what God has done for her, healing her of lupus and inviting her to be one of the "certain" women of Luke 8.  A play on words Ramona invited the women who followed Jesus, the women who were delivered from sin, illness and demons, to become "certain" women boldly following their redeemer.  Then many were healed of various diseases when she prayed for them.  Amazing what can become of a woman who is sure in her identity, call and redemption. 

Rene Larson:  Rene and her husband founded Everyday Ministries, the organization with whom we worked.  Rene carried both beauty and authority in a way that was both powerful and loving.  While she brought forth the word as an arrow hitting its target, she was also marked by love  I think truth is spelled with love as she declares the heart of God for his church. 

Then there were the women of the Dominican Republic... many pastoras and leaders in their church.  I wondered about what it cost them to have become so strong and mighty in the Spirit.  A couple in particular ministered to me.  In the spirit of mutuality declared by Pastor Tim, a women moved forward to pray for me.  She had a word... I had been seeking God on a matter and her word related directly.  I was so blessed. 

I felt so priveleged and a little bit intimidated by bunking and ministering with these mighty women of God.  I feel gratitude to have such models because they fill me with faith and desire to also become mighty in my service to God and others.  May we all walk with such spiritual integrity and power in this day.

I will share about the mighty men tomorrow.

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