Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dominican Republic Mission Trip

For the last two weeks I have been in the Dominican Republic for  mission trip with RAIN ministries.  The mission was to equip pastors and people with biblical insight and effective methods to under-gird and participate in healing ministries.  This was an amazing experience.  We spent many evenings in local churches giving instruction on healing and then the pastors and people of the Dominican Republic actually gave it a try and invited those ill, or suffering to come for prayer.  Many were indeed healed.

I knew that God healed and had a pretty solid sense of the Bible as it relates to healing but had not really practiced praying for the sick much outside of pastoral ministry calls and hospital visits.  I felt a bit out of my element but was excited to see God at work in real people giving life.

We also spent some time ministering to women.  In particular, the wives of pastors and women pastors.  Saturday during the day the men on the team and the women on the team split up and we held a class for the women.  Our group taught on Identity in Christ and a teaching on Marriage.  That same evening, we held a women's conference and Pastor Ramona Rickard spoke on the "certain women" of Luke 8 and shared her own experience of being healed.  Her experience of radical physical healing led her to be certain of God's power to heal and give life.  The women of Luke 8 became radical followers of Jesus Christ after they too had experienced healing of their lives.  Her story was very compelling and many women came forward for prayer to be healed.  It was amazing.

On this trip I encountered women and men who were sure in their identity in Christ operating in some serious authority.

Honestly, for me the trip involved an openness to greater experience with healing and the knowledge that God is a God of healing and life.  I am also open to greater exploration around this and more comfort in praying for others with healing needs.

I seriously enjoyed the expectation and comfort the men and women had working together.  The men on the team expected women to operate in authoritive ways teaching, preaching, interceding and praying for the sick.  Honestly, that was way cool.  I saw God move through really normal people who were passionate in their relationship with God and serious in their roles as agents of God called to function in kingdom ways.  And healing is sort of when the kingdom wholeness of God meets the brokenness of humanity.

I am feeling grateful today for the Kingdom of God.

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