Sunday, November 27, 2011

the mighty men of God on the team

Ok... said I would post tomorrow but am in the "reflective" mind so will keep writing today.

I don't think I have ever been part of such an empowering team.  They were very spiritually mature and expected God to move through everyone on the team regardless of age or gender.

I had the privilege of working with some really mighty men as well as mighty women.

Patrick:  I really enjoyed Patrick.  He was full of life and joy and a man of serious prayer.  He was not on my team so my knowledge of him was limited to our time at the mission house.  There he was a regular at our worship time... soaking up the presence of God.  I also noted how caring he was toward other members of the team.  He too had overcome much in his life but served in faith and power as he ministered to others.

Jimmy:  Jimmy touched all of our hearts through worship.  I was not familiar entirely with the concept of "soaking."  Jimmy is a master at soaking in the presence of God demonstrating a heart of being with God just because.  He taught all of us so much about joy in being with God.

Jose:  I found Jose to be authentic, humble and honest, mighty in word and spirit.  On the first day, he invited me to teach... but I wasn't on his team.  Still being invited was a great affirmation to me and I was touched.  It was one of the ways I began to feel safe among the two mission teams. 

Jason:  I enjoyed serving with Jason in worship.  I loved how he entered in and surrendered his heart in worship and out of that intimacy with God flowed in teaching and prayer for others.  His heart was so for healing and life and he often stepped out in word of knowledge with a healing heart.

Van:  I enjoyed watching Van and his wife together.  They often functioned in praying for others as a team.  I could see how much they loved one another and served one another.  Van affirmed his wife's teaching gift among the whole group taking a healthy pride in her gifts.  It was amazing to watch him praying for the sick and ministering in grace and humility.

Pastor Tim:  He was like a rock... calm, non-anxious, humble and steady.  While Pastor Tim was the team leader he regularly empowered the team to step out in new areas of ministry.  He also modeled it as he stepped out with courage to try new things.  Several were healed as he prayed for healing.  Pastor Tim had a quiet, non-threatening authority in the word and in the Spirit and I came to respect him without fear.  He too invited me in expecting God to move through me in my area of gifting. 

Ryan: Ryan worked with Everyday Ministries and traveled with our team.  He served gracefully in translation.  Ryan is marked by joy and love.  His face radiated the love of God especially for the people.  And he deeply respected them and sought to serve them. I saw that he truly respected and joined with the Dominican churches in ministry.  It was fun to experience him leading worship also in perfect Spanish.  I noted once again a quiet, humble authority with a desire to empower others.

Jim: I did not serve much with Jim but noted a few things.  Jim has an awesome vision for Everyday Ministries.  As leader, he empowers the church and relys on God for every step.  It was fun to see his heart for his family and how he co-worked with his wife and team members. 

Pastor Jim:  Pastor Jim is head of RAIN Ministries.  As lead Apostle in the network Jim leads with a humble authority.  I don't think I have ever seen Pastor Jim get ruffled or anxious.  I don't think I have ever met a man of faith like him.  He could be prideful but he walks in humility and strength. 

What I loved most about these men is something they are perhaps unaware of... they expected the women to teach and preach and function with authority in the Spirit.  And they did not appear to be intimidated or threatened.  I enjoyed their security in themselves. 

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