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Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Recently I felt "led" to teach a class on Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.... ok, the title evokes some fear and anxiety at least in me.  Yes, it does sound a bit "touchy/feely."  But I assure you, this class is not for the faint at heart nor is it only for the emotionally "un" healthy disciple.  My worry at the outset is that by defining what Emotionally Healthy really is, we might create a whole new anxiety around a whole new standard that we all somehow need to reach in order to be "healthy."  I for one don't need another standard to reach. (now you see where I am in the "emotionally healthy" scale of performance--he,he,he.)  Sooooo..... why is it important to begin a book study on that topic during Community Hour? 

Rather than define a new standard around emotional health, I prefer to set forth a new vision.  A standard and a vision are two different things.  A standard is something by which I measure myself but a vision is a…