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grief, forgiveness and prayers for the losses in Aurora, CO

Today I am thinking about the tragic loss of human life in Aurora, CO.  I am reminded that forgiveness is not easy nor is grief painless.  And prayers go up in my heart for those experiencing loss and sadness today.

How does one forgive such a horrific experience?  How does one grieve well and move forward in the midst of such pain?

In forgiveness we begin with recognizing that an offense or hurt did indeed occur and that this was indeed wrong and painful. We assign appropriate blame to the one who harmed us.  Next, we allow ourselves to fully grieve and to grieve well.  Too often we cut grief short and shut down feelings because it is so painful.  However, allowing the pain to be felt IS one of the ways we grieve and move on.  Some remain in the first state of denial and fail to process the range of emotions present.

Often both grief and forgiveness move through 5 significant stages.  And we often begin the stages in different places depending on the nature of the loss and the person…