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The mind of faith... no punn intended.

What holds us back from stepping out into our purpose in life?  Often it is one's own mind and the negative voices that tell us who we are and what we are good for.  Many struggle with such voices.  I have been thinking a lot about these voices and how one can best combat them.   (And don't get me wrong... there are real obstacles in life... injustice is real).

For me the voices come from three basic sources and fuel anxiety.  They are to use Biblical words, the world, the flesh and the devil.  Those messages are mostly shame messages about worth and competency.

The World: The voices of the world define worth in terms of status, wealth, beauty and success.  If we do not meet these standards, the nasty note of shame kicks in revealing our defects as human beings.  We hear these messages in the voices of our culture, media, politics.

The Flesh: I think the flesh in scripture is about what drives us inside.  It can include the internalized voices of our family of origin and in…