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Sermon Luke 7:36-50

How many have experienced the sting of shame?  Where did it come from?  Many of us have had experiences that have produced shame--maybe in our families, or among our peers or in school, or as a result of verbal, physical, spiritual or sexual abuse.  Many of us can point to a specific moment when shame flooded our consciousness.
But before that... where did it come from?

     In Genesis chapters one and two we read about how God created the first people.  He had given them a task--to govern, tend and fill the earth.  They were created in his image and charged to be God’s agents in the earth.  They were called to image his love, his character, his heart.  Having faced God, they were called to be his face to others in their daily lives.  They were to create families, who would create cities, who would create nations--in union with God and one another.

     After creating the man and the woman, Moses,the author of Genesis, comments, “and they were naked and unashamed.”  There was no sha…