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Empathy and the Incarnation

Recently I watched the above video and it got me thinking about all of our division... Ferguson, MO, immigration issues, all of our divisions among people of faith. What would happen if we just tried to hear one another and validate the pain experienced instead of trying to defend ourselves or protect ourselves?

This is the way of Jesus. Jesus was God but entered our human existence, shared our pain, took our wounds and sins upon himself and invited us into union with himself. We are going about this life so wrong... defensively and in judgement of one another. There is a unity we can find if we simply listen and share the pain of another. This is the Father's heart. Just a couple of questions for you:

 1. Put yourself in the shoes of a family who might lose a mother or father because of their inability to obtain legal papers?

 2. Put yourself in the shoes of an African American mother or father who has lost a son because of the way thi…