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WayFinding in Luke 15, The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin and the Lost Sons: Part Two
We continue in our discovery of the story of two lost sons and a loving father.  In our last post I shared the three parables Jesus told in response to accusations made by the the religious leaders and teachers of the law.  He had been accused of eating with all manner of notorious sinners as if they had been old friends... tax collectors, Gentiles, prostitutes and other people of questionable reputations.  He told the stories of a good shepherd who leaves the 99 and searches for that one lost sheep, the story of a good woman seeking for a lost coin and a story of a good father who waits patiently for his lost son to return home.  In each case that which is lost is found and in each case there is a party thrown to celebrate. (more table fellowship in heaven?)

We return to the story of the two lost sons with a consideration of the older brother--the unrighteous law-keeper-- who is perhaps even more lost than the young…

Wayfinding Luke 15, The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin and The Lost Sons

Wayfinding through Luke chapter 15 is like a journey of self-discovery and revelation about who Jesus is and what the Jesus way is really like.
It begins with an exchange between Jesus and the teachers of religious law around the kind of people Jesus eats with.  Their charge is that Jesus is eating with tax collectors and sinners as if they were old friends.  Sharing the table had meaning in the day of Jesus... and if one shared table fellowship with the kind of people Jesus ate with, well one would become as dishonorable and unclean as they.  Tax collectors were considered to be traitors and thieves and other notorious sinners could be anyone from prostitutes to Gentiles.  Whatever the case Jesus was being criticized for treating them as old friends. 
In response Jesus tells his accusers three stories.  The first is about a good shepherd who leaves the 99 sheep in the fold to search for the one lost sheep.  The se…

Selma Film and Theology

We saw the film Selma last night... It was really good... It was mainly about Selma as the ground where the voting rights act was fought. Some scenes were hard to watch as people were beaten and disrespected .... some even murdered. If you are high on empathy... it could be hard to watch. In terms of AFrican American History, it was accurate. I am not as familiar with the role of President Johnson. It did bring out the Spirituality of the movement, the way folks trusted God for guidance and strength. MLK was shown in a more human light with genuine fears and longings as was his family. I also noticed how often there was blame shifting and scapegoating in various dialogues. The blame from the ones making the laws was shifted to the ones exposing injustices in the laws. Instead of folks owning the injustices that were genuinely happening all over the nation the one speaking up were blamed for the upset. I also though of how the people of God in the OT were provided a scapegoat w…