Saturday, January 17, 2015

Selma Film and Theology

We saw the film Selma last night... It was really good... It was mainly about Selma as the ground where the voting rights act was fought. Some scenes were hard to watch as people were beaten and disrespected .... some even murdered. If you are high on empathy... it could be hard to watch. In terms of AFrican American History, it was accurate. I am not as familiar with the role of President Johnson. It did bring out the Spirituality of the movement, the way folks trusted God for guidance and strength. MLK was shown in a more human light with genuine fears and longings as was his family. I also noticed how often there was blame shifting and scapegoating in various dialogues. The blame from the ones making the laws was shifted to the ones exposing injustices in the laws. Instead of folks owning the injustices that were genuinely happening all over the nation the one speaking up were blamed for the upset. I also though of how the people of God in the OT were provided a scapegoat who would carry the sins of the people out into the wilderness. Persons who have the majority power often scapegoat those with minority power so they can escape the ownership of their own sins. We have often done that in our country and I believe repentance will help us foster reconciliation between us all... Christ became the scapegoat carrying the sins of the world upon himself. We, in Christ are the people of God, brothers and sisters sharing humanity and in the Divine life of God. There is no African American, Latino, Asian or Anglo for we are brothers and sisters united with Christ. We must see one another as God does... listen... seek to understand... own our part and seek justice. We must not make human law the definer of reality... but we must make the heart of God the lense of reality... and that is what Jesus did. That means that we don't need to find scapegoats for our fears and anxieties and sins... we can come clean in the environment of grace that has been created through Christ's actions. We can own our stuff in genuine repentance and be in community together in freedom and truth. This is the new kind of community that was created in the early church... and I pray that we would work toward it's restoration. I was truly moved by this film

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