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The 4th Mary, in our series The Three Marys, No Four

When I first began to write about the women named Mary, I noticed 3, then I noticed a 4th Mary.  In John 19:25, Mary of Clopas is with Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary of Magdala at the foot of the cross.  We don't know very much about this Mary accept that she was the wife of Clopas.  However she is very significant in the grand drama of the gospel.

We also find mention of Clopas as the follower who was returning to Emmaus from Jerusalem after the death of Christ.  Clopas was walking with another follower of Jesus known to be his wife, Mary--who was at the cross--witness to the death of Christ.  Jesus--unrecognized--joins them in their walk back to Emmaus.  While they walk, the three speak of what has just occurred in Jerusalem and Jesus, the unknown stranger begins to explain the teachings of scripture.  Finally Clopas and his wife ask Jesus to stay with them for the night in their home.  As they sit together at the table, Jesus, still unknown to them, breaks the bread and the…