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Co-Leading and submission

Many are curious about what it means for a husband and wife to co-lead in marriage.  Often I notice wonderment about how we work out disagreements.  If the husband is not the final say decision-maker, then how do couples deal with conflict that goes unresolved?  And what about submission?  Does a wife submit in a co-leading situation?  Does co-leading mean a wife is unwilling to respect her husband and does it mean that she will usurp his role spiritually?

In our marriage, my husband and I do come to impasses around certain decisions.  We talk about what we need from one another around a disagreement.  Sometimes it might mean that we take into account one another's feelings.  At other times, it means that we may defer or submit if it is an area where there are not strong feelings or preferences.  Such as, if we are deciding where we should go to dinner and one of us really cares and the other does not... that one will defer.  We might also defer when one person has a greater ins…