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Dominican Republic 2016, Part Two, Tale of Two Sons and an Amazing Father

As I have already written, the mission of God in Christ has been to bring healing to the world reversing the effects of the fall through the coming of Jesus and the inauguration of the Kingdom.  The Kingdom is God's loving reign--when Jesus became King reigning in the hearts of his subjects.  One of the biggest reasons we cannot effectively participate in the Kingdom of God has to do with our pictures of God.  And how we perceive others that God also loves.

In Luke 15, we see the Pharisees questioning why Jesus would eat with tax collectors and sinners.  And he engages in a series of stories about God and what God is like.

Back to the Dominican Republic.  Sunday evening, we were being sent out two by two and I thought I would just bring the same message as I had brought that morning.  However, my partner Shirlee Taki, felt a strong impression that Condemnation was a big concern at the little church we were visiting.  Wow... I wondered... what I have to say really doesn't fit…