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Jesus the New Temple, Seeing Verses Perceiving?

Mark 13:1-13
If you knew you were about to die, how would you prepare your children?  If I knew I was going to prison for my faith, what would I say to you?  If I knew that you because of me, would face trial and suffering, what would I say to you. 
I might prepare you for what you will face.  I might alert you to various games and challenges you will face.  In pre-teaching, I might give you strength and help you tune in so that you will remain true to God.     
Jesus is in Jerusalem, he knows he is about to die.  He has said to his disciple three times as they were on the way, that he would be handed over to the authorities, accused, tried and hung on a cross to die.  He knew the end was near.  I can see his heart, he has many things to share with his disciples and he knows they too will face a similar fate.  He longs for them to see, to hear, to understand, to be able to endure the challenges that are before them and remain faithful to God.  
In the 1st century culture it was commonly t…

The Scent of Denial and The Restoration of Peter and 3 Important Calls

Memory... it's a funny thing.  Memories are often triggered by places, by smells, facial expressions, various stimuli that can trigger a painful or traumatic memory.  Just driving by a building within which a painful even occurred pokes at pain, failure, loss, a whole number of emotions might come to the surface or one's muscle memory might react in panic or fear as subconscious memories are expressed in very physical responses.  
I don’t know what Peter felt like after he denied Jesus.  But scripture says he went out and wept bitterly.  We can speculate that he felt enormous shame, loss of what was, and what he believed the Jesus band was about.  
More…,Peter was always a bit on the arrogant side… boldly courageous, the first to try things... to step out of the boat and walk on water.  He was the first to understand that Jesus was the Messiah.  He was marked out as a leader in the group—overtly fearless and passionate about his love for Jesus.  
I believe that after his denial, …

Peter, In Need of Restoration: A First Person Account

I remember vividly the the chaotic capture and surrender of Jesus to the authorities... how I had tried to fight them off with a sword. I remember the smokey scent of the fire in the courtyard near Jesus trial. Etched in my memory were my well-intended words, “Lord, I will go to prison with you and even die with you.” But they were the words on an untested man.
I was unaware of the healing I needed... unaware that in the act of Jesus following, I would find myself without the maturity and inner resources to actually live out the proclamations of my own heart.
As I stood beside the fire in the courtyard, a servant girl suggested that “I” was one of the men who was with Jesus. I denied my teacher, the One God sent... before a servant girl who had no authority to arrest me. Heck, Women couldn't even testify in court! When it really mattered, I failed to live up to my promise that I would follow Jesus to the death. I buckled before a lowly servant girl.
When the cock crowed and I had …

Resurrected Jesus on the Road to Emmaus: Luke 24:13-35

What does it mean for us to say that Jesus is alive?

Christians believe that Jesus died and rose from the dead. We teach this, sing about, celebrate it every year. But where do we see Jesus alive?

Fast forward to Pentecost and you will notice that when Jesus rose from the dead, he appeared to many real people who lived in the first century—500 to be exact. When he ascended into heaven he reminded them that he would pour out his Spirit on them and they would be his witnesses—or his agents in the world. They would tell his story and continue walking in the way of Jesus in the world.

Jesus is alive… how do we notice Jesus in our world?  That is what the author of Luke is telling in the account he wrote.

So what is the Story leading up to this story: The journey to Jerusalem and suffering began in Luke 9:51, Jesus has traveled with his face set toward Jerusalem. Now the crucifixion is passed and some women have gone to the tomb of Jesus to place spices on his body. Instead of en…