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Mercy Wavier for Unauthorized Immigrants

I've been wrestling in prayer sometimes all night long praying for unauthorized immigrants who are here without the necessary paperwork to help them live lives in the light.  Many have citizen children and citizen spouses.  Some have spouses who are permanent residents and citizen children.  Some have children who are legally here through the DACA program, renewable every two years.  Whatever the case, there are literally millions of children and families who are affected by deportation and removal.   
Things have heated up due to how the current administration is responding to unauthorized immigrants.  I've read stories of moms or dads being deported who have no other offenses than that they are here without papers.  Some have orders of removal but are otherwise good citizens who pay taxes, contribute to the community, attend churches and care for their families.

There have been some changes of focus lately due to the expanding of ICE's priorities.  Under the Obama admini…

Genesis, Syria and the Sin System... Lamenting and Seeking.

Today as I contemplate the horror of the war in Syria, I have nowhere to go but to the scriptures that tell the story of how sin entered the world and produced the disease we now see.   I am troubled and I lament the loss of life and the affect on the innocent victims of the sin system.  We are all in some sense captive and in need of deliverance.  May the power of the Lord give us strength and courage as we seek to be the salt and light in a very, very dark world.  I've been praying for Syria for some time now triggered by the plight of refugee women in particular.  My prayers have been extended to the people as a whole who are refugees, victims of oppression and war--who have lost homes, family, lives.  And I turn to Genesis to explain the sin system and the remedy promised in Christ.

Genesis 3:16-18

In Genesis 3:16-18, we read about what happened after human beings ate from the fruit of the forbidden tree.  Most often these verses are applied in an individualistic way specific…