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The Mission of God, Pentecost

Sermon Acts 2.1-21

 God is on a mission…

 What do we mean when we say that someone is on a mission? Steve Totushek, Dan’s cousin used to comment about Dan when he was walking around the greenhouses determined to get as much done as possible… “Dan is on a mission” He noted the urgency, action and purpose in his steps and said, “Dan is on a mission.”

 I have seen Dan when he’s on a mission... his head is at least six inches ahead of the rest of his body guiding the body forward. I want us to use that as our image. God is at least 6 inches ahead of the church guiding the body forward. In the same way, we might say God is on a mission. God is at work, acting with urgency and purpose. We often say that God has a mission for our church but it is more accurate to say that God is on a mission and we as God’s people are invited to join Him in that mission.

God is on a mission to rescue people from the captivity of sin, a mission to restore us in relation to himself and others, God is…

4 Common Myths About Christian Feminists and Egalitarians.

Frequently Jezebel is a label that many Christian women receive if they believe in the full equality of men and women in the home and church or if they consider themselves Christian Feminists.  Both feminism and egalitarianism are labels that are vastly misunderstood in the church and have had their meanings co opted by opponents who define them as in some sense women who are out for power over men, unwilling to submit to authority, men haters and those who would support abortion.  In reality this is not true.  These are myths.

1.  Are feminists and egalitarians out for power over men?

Often I hear feminists and egalitarians described as those who have a Jezebel Spirit.  The Jezebel Spirit is described as someone who seeks control over passive men who are unable to speak up for themselves and are seduced by women to give over control of their lives.  Such women are considered dangerous to the church and home.  In reality, as women and men develop emotional and spiritual maturity, t…