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Worship Philosophy, Why do I do what I do?

There are a lot of misunderstandings that circle around among churches about worship and worship style.  It has become a large controversy in the church at large.  Many churches struggle with moving from a very traditional service to a more contemporary service in hopes of attracting new people.  And that's legitimate.  However worship is not merely about the genre of music or the style.  Worship is an experience we have as we gather that helps us connect deeply with God and express our love to God.  Worship involves reflecting corporately on God, contemplating as a congregation on God's character and what God has done for us personally and in the Christian community at large.

So why do I choose the music I do?

St Francis UMC has chosen to practice a hybrid service that involves a variety of musical genres bridging its history and its future.  We keep elements of a traditional liturgical service and blend those elements with more contemporary features.  For example: we still …