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Philoxenia: Love of the Stranger

Written for Pentecostals and Charismatics for Peace and Justice.

What is Philoxenia? When I first heard this word, I wondered if I had just stumbled upon a new kind of flower, Philoxenia… sort of like a Xenia or phlox or a Xenia crossed with a phlox to create a whole new flower.It’s not a flower, it is the Greek word for Hospitality.It literally means Philo or Love; Xenia or Stranger; put together it means LOVE OF STRANGER.  Hospitality then is the act of making strangers feel loved, as if they belong, welcome—like family.Hospitality is another thread that is woven throughout the entire Bible.  Growing up in the church, hospitality was more about making sure the coffee was on and the donuts and cookies were placed out on the serving table.We had a hospitality committee, usually made up of women, who made sure there were plenty of good things to eat and coffee to drink—cool-aid for the children and decaf for the senior folks.And…