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Being Born Again, What Does That Mean?

When we think of evangelism we often think of helping someone come to an understanding that they need to be born again.And many treat it like some sort of a sales transaction in which we give a particular pitch and then close the deal.At times being born again Christian carries derogatory connotations largely due to insensitive evangelism methods in which the targeted end up feeling more like a commodity than a real person loved by God.

I grew up in an evangelical setting and the question, “are you born again meant, are you saved or have your prayed the prayer of salvation”, which is the ritual that is used to help others connect with God.

What does it mean?How are we born again? What does being born again mean?

I have even been in faith traditions in which being born again meant that I had to accept certain doctrines or even certain political views and that if I didn’t accept those political positions, well then I wasn’t really born again.
The term born again has come to have some genuin…

What's Your Story?

Have you ever been a witness?  Maybe you have been a witness to an accident and found yourself telling your version of what you saw when the accident took place?  Usually when we think of the word witness we imagine a court room with a judge, and lawyers and maybe even a jury.  Usually it is the lawyers who call witnesses to testify about what they saw or experienced. 
What does it mean to be a Witness in the Bible?
In both of our Bible readings today, we hear the word witnesses.In our Old Testament reading, the author says of Israel, You are my witnesses.In our New Testament reading the author also says of the disciples, you are my witnesses.To what are they witness?To what are they giving testimony?
Our Old Testament reading actually uses a courtroom scene in which lawyers are to bring forth their witnesses to give evidence to the legitimacy of their gods, small gods.God’s people then were described as the witnesses to what God had done delivering them from the hand of Pharaoh, or oth…