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What did Isaiah see? A new King

We’ve been in a Christmas sermon series entitled Christmas Visions, What did Isaiah see?We have looked carefully at several passages in the book of Isaiah the Prophet who saw into the future during a dark time in Israel.We’ve noted the exquisite poetry and imagery and how those images are speaking.Prophets were those who spoke truth to God’s people, to kings—they often saw what others did not see.Prophets were often masterful artists who acted out, wrote or visualized what they saw in various art forms.Today, we are going to move through our passage and see, what Isaiah saw.I want us to use our imaginations because many of Isaiah’s words conjure up powerful images that give meaning to the scripture and the message.
Isaiah lived in a time when Israel was governed by a selfish, idolatrous, and oppressive king.This king made alliances with Assryia and other nations in ways that compromised the safety and wholeness of the Kingdom.King Ahaz led the people into idolatry and oppression.They w…

What did Isaiah See? A Hi-way Home

Isaiah 35 
We’ve been reflecting on various passages from the book of Isaiah this Christmas and are asking the question, What did Isaiah see?  
So far we noticed that Isaiah saw a world that was no more scarred by war.  God’s people would be taught of the Lord and know the ways of peace.  Isaiah saw a world within which all the nations streamed to the Temple of the Lord to be taught of him.  Last week we noticed that Isaiah saw a people governed by a king who would govern with justice and wisdom.  This king would make right judgments because he saw beyond the surface of things to how they really are.  We noticed the longing we felt for just and wise governance.  We reflected on how the wisdom of God was accessible through prayer and brought to bear on our everyday circumstances.  

This week we are noticing that Isaiah saw a world at home once again, flourishing, whole, healed.  He saw the land healed, he saw human beings strengthened and a safe journey home on the highway of Holiness. 


What did Isaiah see? A New Reign of Wisdom

We are in a new Christmas series entitled Christmas visions and we are asking the question, What did Isaiah see?Isaiah was a prophet who had the privilege of seeing into the future a vision of what life would be like when the reign of God was established in the Earth.
It would be a righteous reign marked by wisdom and justice.
Now this reign that he saw was unlike any human reign that we’ve experienced today.This reign does not come by human kings nor is it implemented by human decree.God is not establishing his reign through human power or might but through the influence of Jesus Christ the King by means of the Holy Spirit.
First let’s talk a little bit about what the reign of God is not because there are a lot of Christian people out there proclaiming that this country is a Christian nation and that God has chosen specific people to rule this country.
When we speak about the reign of God, we are not speaking about what some understand as Dominionism.What is Dominionism.Dominionism is a…