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Sermon on the Mount Part Three

Matthew 5:17-48 New International Version (NIV)
We have been working our way through the Sermon on the Mount discovering what it looks like to be a new community of Jesus followers who live by the way of Jesus.Sometimes we call this governance and influence, The Kingdom of God.This is not a kingdom like kingdoms of this day.This is a people who are influenced by the heart of God and the desire for God’s reign that will bring wholeness and justice and healing in a world broken apart by the this world's sin systems.
When we began our series, we noticed that Jesus went up into the mountain and sat down to teach.These are images that hyper-linked us back to Sinai and Moses and the giving of the Law.Today our scripture explicitly revealed that Jesus was honoring the Law, that he fulfilled that law and gave his interpretation of the law.
The purpose of the law was to form a healthy community of people who were distinct, set apart by God.They were to bear God’s image and partner with God to…

The Beatitudes: Matt 5: Part Two

Last week we began examining the Sermon on the Mount and we were using some illustrations from the Civil Rights movement that helped us get a picture of how the sermon on the mount looked in real life. Last week we noted that Jesus taught on the Mountain which hyperlinked back to Moses bringing the law down from the mountain. We also noted that Jesus sat down to teach taking the posture of a teacher of the law. We took a look at what it meant to be blessed and examined the range of meaning from fortunate, to honored in the Kingdom of God. The beatitudes reveal an upside-down kingdom that exposes human kingdoms and liberates us from our fears and idolatry. Today we will move through the remaining beatitudes remembering that these are the people who participate in the kingdom work that Jesus is doing. 

7 God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy.

Honorable are the merciful. Who are the merciful?

We often look at this as a feeling of compassion for others and it inclu…

The Beatitudes: Matt 5: Part One

When we think of kingdoms, we think of power, might, rule, status, royalty, wealth.  But when the Bible speaks of the kingdom, it speaks of Jesus, justice, healing, life, servanthood.  The two kinds of kingdoms are very, very different.  We view the scripture from the vantage point of being Americans who have great power and wealth in the world but the Bible is written from the point of view of the anawim—the humble, the powerless.  They see an upside down kingdom.  Let’s take a look at this kingdom that has come in Christ and what it means for us today.1 One day as he saw the crowds gathering, Jesus went up on the mountainside and sat down. His disciples gathered around him, 2 and he began to teach them. I want to begin by noting a couple of words that are important in these verses, 1-2…Mountainside:In Luke’s account this sermon was given on the plains… here in Matthew it is given on the Mountain.Why? Matthew is portraying Jesus as a teacher who is like Moses… remember Moses went up to…